Bullet Force

            Recently on The App Universe‘s Mobcrush channel, we’ve been diving into Bullet Force. For those who do not know what Bullet Force is, it is an upcoming mobile first person shooter game for iOS and Android that is currently under development.
          What makes Bullet Force different from other mobile games under the FPS genre? Considering it’s not fully released, I personally believe it’s better than 80% of FPS games on iOS and Android combined. There are many factors that Lucas, the creator and developer of Bullet Force, is doing correctly. Even more so than most developers in the mobile community. First of all, Bullet Force is NOT pay-to-win. Pay-to-win games are highly disliked, but many developers still choose this model. The pay-to-win feature in mobile games is a form of monetizing apps to allow users to buy better items than everyone else. This makes the game very unbalanced, especially to players who have skill without ever paying. The only beneficial aspect in pay-to-win is that developers take in more revenue, but turn away a lot of players that can’t spend the extra money.
           Being that Bullet Force isn’t pay-to-win, it composes itself in a way that is more attractive to players overall. Currently, the in-app monetizations are only for crate purchases. This allows users to buy skins to add to their weapons. I encourage players to purchase crates because it directly supports Lucas and his game. Another reason Bullet Force is a game worth downloading on your device, is a majority of well-seasoned streamers on Mobcrush support this game. Reason being, the feedback is always heard and implemented in the updates. Yes, a majority of the features currently in the game were suggested by the mobile community. Not only does this make users desire to play the game more often, but it also encourages more players to speak up with the satisfaction of being listened to.
           This game currently has 3 game modes: Conquest, Team Death Match, and Gun Game with 6 different maps to play on. As players rank up, they earn in-game currency that can be use to bf3purchase weapons and attachments. The game also features a interesting perk system based around points. Each perk has a set value, adding up to a total of 8 points. This creates many differentiation of perks available to run at the same time. Similar to Call Of Duty, the more you play and level up, the more you earn access to extra guns and perks. The game also rewards players that do well in matches with kill streaks. The player has the option to equip 3 kills streaks such as UAV, Counter UAV, and the infamous nuke.
            Being in closed beta, the app still has bugs (but hardly any game breaking ones). If you look at how far this game has come from its early stages, it is pretty much guaranteed that the bugs will be fixed before launch, which has yet to be announced. The game is still far from perfect, but is way more satisfying than most FPS mobile games. Really, you have to check it out for yourself. The fact is this game is very enjoyable. Even being in development, it has sprung up many fans and die-hard players excited for the full released.
            Here at The App Universe, we enjoy playing many rounds of Gun Game on stream. It’s an exciting game mode to play against other players and viewers. Definitely check out the Mobcrush streams to see awesome LIVE game play of Bullet Force.
           Fun game modes, beautiful gun models, and tons of intense action! What more could you want from a FPS on MOBILE!
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