Bullet Force Game Tips and Cheats

This post features Bullet Force game tips and tricks. Let's check out!

Bullet Force game tips

Bullet Force game tips and cheats

1. Customize you lead-out

At the start of each round you can select from 3 given builds, each one can be customized depending on your desire. Use rifle weapons is recommended as they have high recoil but long distant shots. Guns come with low damage or the deserted eagle similar which has high fire power. 

2. Connect with players from all over the world

You can shoot or open the weapon scope by pressing on the button at the right bottom corner, there is also the sprint button, and on the left side of the screen lays the directional pad. The map lies on the top left corner. It has the locations of each one of your teammates, and once an opponent fires a bullet he will appear as a red target on the map which makes the mission to hunt him much easier.

3. Suit device powers

In the settings menu you can take over every small part of the game, sensitivity of the aim can be increased/decreased depending on your desire. 

4. Control the game

The static joystick can be enabled or disable, sprint button as well which helps you with moving much faster on the ground doing sprints. Increase or decrease the screen scale according to your device size, 

5. Try new maps

Pick your favorite map from 4 free maps. Spend some time on each map to study its landscape, perfect spots, spawn spots of your enemy team. Ater the end of each game, players will get the opportunity to vote for the upcoming next map, you can speak with players about your desire map.

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