Bullet Force weapons - M200 Sniper and 870 MCS

Learn about Bullet force game weapons - M200 SNIPER AND 870 MCS SHOTGUN. See information below:

Bullet Force weapon - M200 SNIPER

bullet force weapon m200 sniper
Bullet Force weapon M200 Sniper

The last weapon that can purchased in the primary section.
Cause incredible damage to an enemy by killing him/her with 1 shot. 
Slow reloading speed - 2 seconds 
Customizable - replace scope, add a silencer, change skin, add lasers(red and green only).
Price: 210000 credits 
Fire rate: 2 seconds 
Strong points:
  • Used to kill enemy from far distance
  • Best use in City -Strongest sniper in the game

  • Not recommended when shooting enemy in near distance.
  • Too expensive
  • The Maxine (Ammo Changing Mag) reloading speed is slow 

Bullet Force weapon - 870 MCS SHOTGUN

High damage from close range, and lower damage from medium range. 
Quite accurate when standing still. The accuracy drops when you move.
Require players to press several times the shoot button to shot. The "Trigger finger" perk should be equipped. 
Price: 90.000
Fire rate: 92 RPM
Strong points:
  • High damage at close range
  • Fast reload when 1-4 bullets got shot

  • Short range
  • Inacurate when unaimed
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