AK-12 and M4A1 - Bullet Force weapons

Information about the two primary weapons in Bullet Force games: AK-12 and M4A1. See their characteristics, strong points and weaknesses.

Bullet Force weapon - AK-12

Ak-12 Bullet Force weapon overview

Cost: 30,000 silver
The second lowest price of silver costing 
One of the most weak primary weapons in Bullet Force. It's only stronger than the Famas. 
It offers incredible range with the in game bar nearly full and high stability.
The iron-sights are a tad-bit misaligned by the main stick being too thick that causes more missed shots by the average player. 
Strong points
  • Great range 
  • Good stability

  • Poor rate of fire
  • Low damage
  • Misaligned iron-sights

  • The third gun in the primary shop of the game
  • Seen with most starting players
  • A good stepping stone over M4A1

Bullet Force Weapon - M4A1

M4A1 bullet force weapon review
M4A1 - Bullet Force weapon
This is the starting primary weapon in Bullet Force. It is automatically equipped for beginners. It is also automatically equipped with the Compact .45. 

It offers high hip fire, stability, accuracy, and range. It's a decent weapon when used correctly.
Strong points
  • Good stability
  • Can be used well when hip firing
  • Big clip size
  • Decent range
Decent damage
  • The first weapon available in the primary weapons shop
  • The only free weapon along with the Compact .45
  • A decent weapon

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